Swedish Mountain Range - 112 miles on skis

In Sweden, the mountain chain stretching along the Scandinavian Peninsular is know as the Scandinavian Mountains. It runs from northern Dalarna up to the area north of Tornetrask.

On 1st February, after suffering colds for 2 months, and drying our own food since August we were ready to depart. The ski and sled leg of our journey would take us 112 miles from Grövelsjön to Abisko in Torneträsk beach. Our seldges weighed 70kg each. The weather proved to be challenging with rain, large amounts of snow, wind speeds of 20m/s and temperatures ranging from -35 to +10 degrees celcius. We observed spectacular variations in landscape from dense spruce forest to high peaks of over 2000m above sea level.

We reached Abisko after 64 days and met with friends. To continue to the border of Sweden, Norway & Finland would take an additional 5 days. We decided it a much more fitting end to our journey to spend time with our friends rather than the rock pile that exists at the border. Interestingly, after spending so much time in the wilderness we found it difficult to adjust to some common attributes of modern society e.g. ringing mobile phone and cars. We each lost 10kg over the course of our trip, our faces were weather beaten, our feet covered in calluses and blisters. Despite these physical hardships with both had a wonderful sense of achievement. Living so close to nature for so long allowed us to get to know ourselves and each other very well. It was a difficult two months spent in tents, however, we experienced a beautiful winter and the magic of the Scandinavian landscape.

Coast of Sweden - 225 miles in a kayak

In the summer of 2006 we paddled the coast of Sweden, from Svinesund to Haparanda, in kayaks. The adventure was used to raise money for street children in Bucharest. Along our route we hosted 3 one night kayaking tours with all proceeds being donated to charity.

The trip was truly memorable. Each day we set out not knowing what challenges lay ahead and experienced great excitment to discover what existed beyond each headland. Almost a year of planning went into the the trip before we set out from Svinesundon 9 June 2006. The temperature was lovely and warm, however, we constantly faced strong headwinds. Joakim was forced to retired in Sundsvall after contracting suspected TBE. Ylva-Li continued to Haparanda arriving 14 days later. The train journey home created mixed feelings as in 1 day we covered the same distance which took 83 days in the kayak.


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