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S:t anna, sweden

S:t Anna's hidden gems

Imagine a waterway characterized by small shallow passages and a maze of islands. Adjacent, the open sea lies with uninterrupted views of the horizon. This tour takes you to the most beautiful parts of the S:t Anna archipelago.

For 3 days starting from Mon we paddle through the S:t Anna archipelago. This archipelago is ideal for those who like to find those tiny passages and paddle really close to nature and wildlife. S:t Anna with more than its 2,500 islands are relatively undeveloped, and we're going to be quite lonely out there. The distances each day are around 15-20km. We have put a great effort in food and use as far as it's possible localy produced food. What about a smoked whitefish with löjromsås or perhaps a flat smoked eel on a crisp sandwich?

Tourdates: On Request June - September

Duration: 3 days (possible to extend it to 1 week)
Price: 520€
Starting point: Mon
Endpoint: Mon

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When you make a bookingrequest we send you a form with information and terms of booking. A booking is not binding until you have read our terms, read the payment information, signed and returned back to us. Another reason to the form is that we get the information about you that is necessary for us to conduct a tour adapted to the participants on the specific tour.


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