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Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

Kayaking & Hiking among Mysk-Oxen

Our camp at Musk Ox Lake near the city Kangerlussuaq, Greenland offers a very unique thing; to kayak on a lake far away from any roads which can only be reached by hiking. Where we are going kayaking and seeking very special kayaking moments for both the experienced and the inexperienced kayaker. This area is in the middle of the musk ox kingdom, and it is rarely visited by man. Here wildlife have perfect conditions with dry South facing slopes, a windy highland plateau for hot days and wet fertile meadows in close vicinity. 

We go for the amazing experience of getting close to the musk oxen in kayak! The musk oxen often do not see the kayaker as a threat and we might get as close as 10 meters from the animals without them fleeing, which is a thrill of a lifetime.
Day 1: From Tasersuatsiaq (Lake Ferguson)We hike with light bag to our tent site, where tents, sleeping bag and cooking gear is ready at our camp deep in the wilderness at the musk ox lake. We have very good chances of seeing musk oxen already on the first day, which goes through some beautiful and varied landscape. The hike can be a bit challenging for some at times, but we are packed light and take it easy on our hike to camp. 14 km trekking (370 vertical meters).
Day 2; Kayaking and hunting. We paddle along the lake and go ashore on the best spot for the day hunting. According to this years hunting regulations and what opportunities we have on the day we go for musk ox, caribou or arctic snow hare and geese.
Day 3: The lake we tent by is in the middle of  the wilderness and one of the favorite spots of the musk ox. We paddle on the lake and hope to get really that thrilling experience of a lifetime close to these special mammals. In a bay of the lake we go ashore for a short hike to a great view point. 12-20 km kayaking, 4 km trekking.
Day 4: We start paddling and hope for more thrilling encounters with the wildlife. At the other end of the lake we land and go for the grand view to the Ice Cap and the immense wilderness with rivers, valleys and the grand Greenlandic Ice Cap as well as the beautiful Kiinnarissut mountains. After the hike we go for more special moments with the prehistoric looking musk oxen. 12 km kayaking, 6 km trekking.
Day 5: We enjoy a nice morning in the idyllic surroundings. Then we pack the camp down and head back to civilization again. On the way we take time to look at some meat caches and other remains from the Inuit culture, who had their hunting grounds in the same areas we pass through. From the dirt road at Tasersuatsiaq. One night in youth hostel. 13 km trekking.
Day 6; There is some time to go on your own in the special settlement of Kangerlussuaq before departure.

Tourdates: 15-20/8 - 2016
Duartion: 6 days
Price: 1350 €
Not included: Flight to and from Greenland. Contact us for more information.
Basecamp: Norra Sardinia, La Maddalena


When you make a bookingrequest we send you a form with information and terms of booking. A booking is not binding until you have read our terms, read the payment information, signed and returned back to us. Another reason to the form is that we get the information about you that is necessary for us to conduct a tour adapted to the participants on the specific tour.


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